Jul 6: License successfully granted!

Jul 10: Started the trip from Chelyabinsk, Russia to Poti, Georgia by car

Jul 12: 8 hours of waiting time at the Russia-Georgia border. Successful pass!

Jul 13: Arrived to Poti, Georgia. Despite enormous tiredness following the trip, antennas’ set up has been completed! Due to political reasons, there are serious restrictions, I was not allowed to set up antennas by the seaside, but 300 m away from the sea in the residential area. Weather forecast for the next days is rains and thunderstorms…

Jul 14: LNA got burned because of the thunderstorm.. Had to bring antennas down and change it to a new one.

Jul 15: Not lucky with the weather, it’s been raining all day long! Since I arrived, haven’t see the Moon and blue sky yet. Difficult to work in these rainy conditions, but swr antennas 1.0 work perfect. Transceiver was giving problems today, had to update the software, all fine now, but lost time. Managed to have more 60 QSO during the first two days.

Jul 16: First time since arrival saw a blue sky and the Moon. A new QRM in the south from the neighboring residential houses. * Deeped myself in the sea! There are unusual black sandy beaches with magnetic sand. * The coastline is equipped with the new LED lights, so working from the seaside would not be possible anyway.

Jul 17: Spent the morning trying to locate QRM +20 db which is on nearly 24/7. No luck. Feeling upset, as there is no possibility to move antennas to another location from 4L1R home where I’m based now. Otherwise, we can have trouble with the police (due to political reasons).

Black magnetic sand is good for joint health.

Jul 18: The Moon is rising later and later, so more time for resting…

Jul 19-23: On Friday, July 20th, all equipment was packed, and the trip back home was started the next day. I arrived safe and sound home on Monday, July 23rd, late in the night.