If you want to support 4L/RM8A EME DXpedition, you can do it using the PayPal donate button below.

The activity involves lots of effort and expenses. It is a long distance and time consuming travel – 2,800 km (3 full days of driving) solo across Russia, at some point in the heat of 38 degrees celcius! I will be grateful for any donation to bring the costs down, and make this activity fun for both sides. Every help is appreciated!

I promise not to spend the funds on alcohol (I don’t drink) or women, or for any type of entertainment.

QSL will be sent to all sponsors for free.

Please write your callsign when sending funds.

Thanks for support to:Bernie ZS4TX, Bernd DF2ZC, Yuu JH0BBE, Yaroslav OK1RD, Andrzej SP8NR, Hugo ZS5HV,  Paul W2HRO, Mario I3MEK, Gio IK1UWL, Lance W7GJ, Jeannette DL8YHR, Pasi OH4LA, Ivan OK1IL, Andrea PA3FYC, Nicolás EA2AGZ, Uwe DG8NCO, Kari OH2BC, David G4YTL, Erwin DK5EW, Gerhard DL1DWI, Gus SM5DIC, Lins PA3CMC, Hide JH5FOQ, Hans DL8GP, Gerald DL8FBD, Eberhard DL8SCQ, Udo DK5YA, Larry K1CA, Robert KD3UY, Waldemar SP4KM, Jürgen DK3WG, Dan HB9Q, Guy ON4AOI, Allan ZS1LS, Roland DK4RC, Lucio I3LDP, John K2ZJ, Wolf DK9ZY, Mika OH3KLJ, Hannu SM5KWU, Norbert OE3NFC, Taka JP3EXR, Alex RA4SD,Lothar DK4TG,Gianni IW4ARD, Kazutaka JE1TNL, Paul WA3QPX, Martin OK1UGA, Antonio IK4PMB, Anton YO5BIN, Petter SM5NOC, John G4SWX, Hannu OH2LHE, Bruno I3EVK, Kjetil LA8KV, Peter DJ4TC.

or Paypal:  rm8a.com@gmail.com